Gamification is a set of activities or a strategy in which we use already available resources and gaming elements in an innovative and fun way to drive attention and motivate individuals for solving existing problems and issues in an all-new way.

In the world of Gamification, Wangard marks its footprints as one of the leading companies providing gaming services across the world. Using Unity and Unity 3D, we develop games that are smoothly played. Graphically appealing and clear pixels.

Transform your Business by Incorporating Gamification

Wangard International accelerates innovative ideas to launch such games which can help you to weed out issues through a comprehensive strategy we focus on the accomplishment of your desired target in order to play its positive role in your business.


We Use Innovative Platforms to Create Innovative Processes

Using the world’s most advanced platform for gaming such as the Unreal Engine. Breaking down the game into fundamental components, we develop games with accurate features that fit into your desired Gamification needs.

A Cutting-Edge Studio

Wangard holds a whole game development studio with all required Professionals linked to it like 3d modelers, User Interface Designers, Environment Designers, Game Developers, and App Search Optimizers. Gamification has improved itself a lot in the last decade. There are millions of gaming studios and Indies making games and making a turnout of billions collaboratively.

Our Mission

Wangard considers gaming as a way of spreading a message worldwide along with entertainment. We have tried to make a special impact on society by sending a good message by developing intellectual and knowledge-based games.

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